What We’re Reading This Week

This week we’re reading about how Siri is learning a new language; the 23 best countries for work-life balance, how an iPad can pass as a passport; the upcoming faces of global music and potential sociological problems for social media.

  1. Siri to start speaking Chinese in 2012: She won’t be multilingual when the iPhone 4S hits stores later this month, but she will learn Mandarin soon. (via The LA Times)
  2. The 23 Best Countries for Work-Life Balance: Northern Europe takes the top spots.  Where does the US rank? (via The Atlantic)
  3. Canadian man passes US Border using his iPad: The passports of the future? (via The Guardian)
  4. The Sounds of globalFEST 2012: Includes a Manu Chao produced Malian rap group. (via NPR)
  5. Social media provides huge opportunities but will bring huge problems: How will we cope with the ever growing influx of info? (via the Economist)

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