About Plango!

Plango! is a marketplace and a player for learning languages. You can download the Plango! App FREE from your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad here:
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Once you have Plango! on your mobile device you will be able to purchase language titles from inside the App itself and experience proven materials to improve your language proficiency.

Language titles from our Publishers include English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. See our Languages and Titles page for a complete description of what’s now available for purchase in the Plango! App. See our In-App Purchases page for how to get them on your device.

  • Wes English

    I have been waiting over a year for more German titles from Schau-Ins-Land. I already have the three you have on display.

  • Patti

    I’m waiting for more German issues too! I wish SCHAU INS LAND would come back. This is a great learning tool.

  • Asdrubal Tobar

    I can’t wait until the PLANGO app. is available for Android. I hope that it is in the works.