What We’re Reading This Week

This week we’re reading about how Siri is learning a new language; the 23 best countries for work-life balance, how an iPad can pass as a passport; the upcoming faces of global music and potential sociological problems for social media.

  1. Siri to start speaking Chinese in 2012: She won’t be multilingual when the iPhone 4S hits stores later this month, but she will learn Mandarin soon. (via The LA Times)
  2. The 23 Best Countries for Work-Life Balance: Northern Europe takes the top spots.  Where does the US rank? (via The Atlantic)
  3. Canadian man passes US Border using his iPad: The passports of the future? (via The Guardian)
  4. The Sounds of globalFEST 2012: Includes a Manu Chao produced Malian rap group. (via NPR)
  5. Social media provides huge opportunities but will bring huge problems: How will we cope with the ever growing influx of info? (via the Economist)

What We’re Reading This Week

This week, we are looking back at 2011 with its buzzwords and most memorable days, a look at the real Buddha Bar, December 31st in Samoa and professional language learners.

  1. The Real Buddha Bar: A bar run by monks, for monks. (via NPR News)
  2. Ten Days That Defined 2011: Includes the Royal Wedding and Charlie Sheen’s televised meltdown. (via The Atlantic Wire)
  3. What Makes Some People Learn Language After Language? Describes Babel No More, a book about the people who master vast numbers of languages. (via The Economist)
  4. Samoa Time Zone Change: The entire country skips December 31. (via Huffington Post)
  5. A Guide to the Buzzwords of 2011: “Planking” and “Arab Spring” made the cut. (via The Guardian)
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