What We’re Reading This Week

Christmas Lights

This week, team Plango explores the worst holiday travel gifts, predictions for international relations in 2012, what happens to Christmas lights in China, a global food map and a dangerous croissant kidnapper.

  1. The World’s Worst Holiday Souvenirs: among the offerings, a Silvio Berlusconi bobble head. (via The Telegraph)
  2. Hey, There’s Still A World To Run: in 2012, the US, France, Russia and China will all experience changes in leadership.  What will this mean for international relations? (via The Economist)
  3. The Chinese Town That Turns Your Old Christmas Tree Lights Into Slippers: every year, 20 million pounds of discarded Christmas lights make their way to Shijao, China.  What becomes of them? (via The Atlantic)
  4. What a Global Flavor Map Can Tell Us About How We Pair Foods: Explains the difference in flavor pairings between North American and Asian cuisines. (via NPR news)
  5. French Boulangerie Bandit Has a Weakness for Croissants: In Paris, police are on the hunt for a serial croissant thief. (via The LA Times)
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